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Hi! I'm Whitney

Why "Montana Quilts"? Well, I'm a proud born-and-raised Montanan. While Big Sky Country will always have my heart, my pluviophile self is happy to now call the rainy Pacific Northwest home.  

I started quilting in late 2021 on a total whim. Peter Parker couldn't have been more excited trying out his new Spidey skills than I was learning how to quilt - I had no idea what I was doing but it was totally thrilling nonetheless! 

My first few patterns were my own design. In fact, I was well into my quilting journey before I learned it was possible to purchase patterns - where someone else had already done all the math! However, by then it was too late: I'd already fooled around and fallen in love with designing quilts. So here we are, math and all! No one is more surprised than me (except perhaps my high school math teachers).   

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